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QPP Year 2 vs Year 3 Requirements

Learn what’s new with QPP with this side-by-side comparison of Year 2 vs Year 3. 

Eligible Clinicians New to QPP in 2019

For 2019, CMS added physical therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, registered dieticians or nutritional professionals and clinical psychologists participating in Medicare Part B to QPP eligible clinician types. To learn more about the requirements for the QPP, select your clinician type from the list:

Telligen QPP SURS Fact Sheet

Learn about Telligen’s QPP SURS Resource Center and the support we offer.

2019 MIPS Checklist

Checklist to help you plan for the 2019 data collection and submission.

Available APMs Summary

Learn about available APMs in the QPP.

Annual Wellness Visits

Learn about how annual wellness visits are covered by Medicare Part B if the patient has had Medicare Part B for over 12 months.

2019 MIPS Opt-in

Beginning in 2019, clinicians who aren’t eligible to participate in MIPS due to low-volume thresholds can opt-in.

How Does QPP Affect My Medicare Payments?

The adjustment in 2019 for the 2017 performance year is negative four percent, and will increase to negative nine percent by 2022. Avoid the adjustment by participating in the Quality Payment Program.

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