Telligen SURS: MIPS Memo
Telligen SURS ‘MIPS Memo’ podcast on the Quality Payment Program (QPP) features information from subject matter experts about the four performance areas of QPP. Each episode will cover fundamental details of the program and provide you with helpful tips on how to ready your practice for participating in the program. Telligen SURS: Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota
2020 Quality Payment Program (QPP) Proposed Rule: Cost Category
by Telligen SURS

This Podcast series highlights essential changes proposed for the Quality Payment Program in the 2020 proposed rule. In this series, we hope to inform you of what you can expect for QPP in 2020.

Telligen SURS we help small practices in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota understand and be successful in the Quality Payment Program. The 2020 proposed rule was released on July 29th and contained proposed changes for the physician fee schedule and the Quality Payment Program.

We encourage you to listen to the entire 4 part related to the 2020 proposed rule.

  • Part one will cover general updates proposed for 2020 QPP.
  • Part two will cover the key changes proposed for the quality category of QPP.
  • Part three focuses on the changes proposed for the improvement activity and promoting interoperability categories.
  • Part four focuses on the cost category.

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