MACRA Minute February Newsletter


Upcoming Deadline: Submit 2017 MIPS Performance Data

March deadlines are fast approaching for submitting 2017 MIPS performance data. Don’t wait until the last minute — submit early & often. Key dates to remember include:

  • March 1 for submitting Quality performance category data via claims
  • March 16(8 pm EST) for group reporting via the CMS web interface
  • March 31 for all other MIPS reporting, including via

Need Help?

Telligen’s QPP advisors are here to help you move move forward with confidence. Give the Telligen QPP Resource Center a call at 844-358-4021 or send us an email.

Take Action: Top 10 MIPS Reporting Tips

With 2017 performance data submission deadlines around the corner, now is the time to act. Here are the top 10 MIPS Tips for ECs reporting data in 2018.*
(*Note: This list focuses on reporting via the QPP data submission system, not groups reporting via the CMS Web Interface or individuals reporting via claims submission).
2017 timeline
  1. Get Familiar with the new data submission system.
  2. Get Your Data Ready for the Quality, Improvement Activities, & Advancing Care Information categories.
  3. Get Your EIDM Credentials Ready, or get an EIDM account if you don’t have one (see next article for more information).
  4. Sign-In to the QPP data submission system using your EIDM account.
  5. Start Submitting your data early to familiarize yourself with the system & prepare your data.
  6. Know Your Group: ECs can report as a group or individually & can switch at anytime. For ECs reporting as a group, the data submission system will recognize your NPI & tie it to other EC’s sharing a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  7. Know Your Data: The system saves all data entered for individual ECs and the group. CMS will use data with the highest final score to calculate an individual EC’s payment adjustment.
  8. Resolve Performance Issues by submitting/updating data right up to the March 31 deadline. The system doesn’t have a “save” or “submit” button, but will automatically update as data is entered. Once CMS  receives your data, initial scores will be displayed by performance category.
  9. Submit as Often as You Like: Use the data submission system to identify any under-performing measures & issues with your data.
  10. Get Step-by-Step Instructions by referencing this video & fact sheet.

How To: Log-In to the QPP Data Submission System

ECs are encouraged to log-in early & often to become familiar with the system.  To log-in and submit data to the QPP website, you must have valid EIDM credentials:
  • The EIDM account provides user identification for accessing CMS’ systems.
  • The system will connect each user with their practice Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Once connected, ECs can report as a group or as individual clinicians within the practice.
  • To learn about how to create an EIDM account, see this user guide.
ECs who need assistance with the data submission system may contact CMS by email or toll free at 1-866-288-8292.


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